V-Shape Upper Body Workout Plan for Chest, Shoulders & Lats

For a deep chest, wide shoulders and lats, this workout will give you the V-shape you’re looking for.

Workout for:  Men
Body parts:  Chest, Shoulders

Workout description

Using 8 exercises, this 45 minute workout targets your chest and lats, while also building your shoulders.


It combines weighted and bodyweight exercises which can be interchanged to suit your needs and available equipment.


The key to it’s success, is in using compound movements to engage all three target muscle groups, while also engaging your arms, giving you a total upper body workout.

Workout instructions

Always warm up for 5-10 minutes (jumping jacks, power skips or jump rope), then stretch the target muscle groups before any workout.


The exercises using equipment should be completed first, using a weight that is 70-80% of your 1 rep maximum. Then complete the workout using the bodyweight exercises. The reason for this is to ensure you are not fatigued during the weighted exercises and therefore affecting your form on heavy lifts.


  • Perform all sets of each exercise before moving to the next one.
  • Rest 30 seconds between sets and 90 seconds between exercises.
  • Perform 10-12 reps of each exercise for 2 sets
  • The third set should be performed to near failure.
  • Perform the bodyweight exercises by completing as many reps as possible in 60 seconds while maintaining good form. Do not sacrifice form for quantity.
  • For safety always ask a spotter or gym buddy to assist you when performing barbell bench presses.


You should aim to increase the weight for each equipment exercise by 5-10% each week and the duration of the bodyweight exercises by 15-30 seconds each week.

Included exercises

This workout routine includes the following exercises:

Barbell Bench Press / Chest Press Barbell Pullover / Lying Chest Overhead Extension Incline Bench Dumbbell Fly Triceps Dips Barbell Shoulder Shrug Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown Inverted Row / Reverse Pull-up Forward / Front Dumbbell Raise

Note: Click on the exercise titles above to open the instructional pages and learn proper technique for performing the exercises. You can also browse our exercise guide to access the full library of available exercises.

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