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This 5-workouts-per-week gym training plan for women and men will get you in tip-top shape pronto. Ready to sweat? Let’s go!

Full gym
4 weeks, 5 workouts/week
Get toned, Lose fat
23-60 minute workouts

Only four weeks remain until the big day and you’re still questioning how in the world you’re going to get that body you desire in time! Don’t fret – we’ve got you covered.

Four Week Intensive Slim Down is a 5-workouts-per-week training plan that covers all bases when it comes to rapid fat burn and hasty muscle tone. Each week is broken down into a strong combination of circuit, cardio, and weightlifting workouts that target every area of the body leaving the user begging for the weekend; yet secretly craving another dose of these intense workouts.

You will need access to a well-equipped gym, an endless amount of water and a keen curiosity for new challenging routines. It’s going to be tough but we can assure you that by the time the four weeks are up, you’ll be looking and feeling great and fluent in the language of intense physical fitness.

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This training plan consists of easy-to-follow visual workouts, which you can print or access on any device.

You’ll find a warm-up and cool-down attached to some of the workouts in this plan. They’re there to prepare both the body and the mind for the main workout – don’t skip them if you have time. Nobody wants an injury and everybody wants to recover faster. Trust us, they’re worth the additional 5 – 10 minutes.

Specific instructions are included with every workout as well as detailed individual exercise instructions that will ensure quality control with every repetition. Be sure to check them out before performing each new movement.

Water is the sweet nectar of life, drink it until it pours from your ears. Studies show that even slight dehydration can hinder your training performance by up to 30% – nobody needs that. Take a small sip of water after each set, and try to aim for 7 - 10 ounces every 20 minutes during your time spent in the gym. You can thank us later.

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