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Who needs a gym when you’re perfectly able to whip that body into shape in the comfort of your own home? You can even complete the workouts in your undies. Let’s go!

8 weeks, 3 or 5 workouts/week
Get toned, Increase flexibility, Lose fat
18-46 minute workouts

When the gym is just too far away, or the music they play is always a little too much, why not transform your home into your own personal dojo?

With no equipment necessary, Home Advantage allows you to train anywhere you see fit (excuse the pun) – whether that be the park, a living room or even a holiday hotel room when relaxing on the beach has gone one step too far.

This progressively dynamic workout plans begins with basic movements, that over the course of 8 weeks build up to more challenging movements that truly test both your strength and stabilization endurance. As the plan progresses, so do you; all the while encouraging fat burn in those areas where fat is just not necessary.

No preparation is needed, so what are you waiting for?

SEE MORE Workout Builder and Printable Workouts
This training plan consists of easy-to-follow visual workouts, which you can print or access on any device.

You’ll find a warm-up and cool-down attached to some of the workouts in this plan. They’re there to prepare both the body and the mind for the main workout – don’t skip them if you have time. Nobody wants an injury and everybody wants to recover faster. Trust us, they’re worth the additional 5 – 10 minutes.

The Habitat fitness plan contains a splendid concoction of circuit, cardio, HIIT, core and lower body workouts that consistently stimulate all areas of the body. Spend the first two weeks adjusting to the movements, there’s no need to go all out. Once the first fortnight is out of the way, then is your time to unleash everything you’ve got.

Notes are included with every workout as well as instructions for performing each exercise – don’t forget to review those before attempting each unfamiliar movement.

Stay hydrated! These workouts are intense, but a lot tougher without water. Each workout should take you between 25 and 45 minutes, which means you should go through between 14 and 20 ounces of water! Not a problem with all that sweat you’ll need to replace.

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