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When intermediate plans begin to feel too easy, you’re ready for something new. Something that will make you sweat the way you should and ache the way you secretly want to.

Full gym
6 weeks, 4 workouts/week
Gain muscle, Get toned
28-60 minute workouts

Get ready, this unisex plan is designed to test those who are ready to take on all kinds of new challenges. Every workout is designed to push you, hard; which is exactly what you want, right?

There is a mix of new forms of exercise involved in this plan, including supersets, HIIT, Zone Training, Progressive Overloading and training to failure. Each will give your body the shock it may need in order to progress from where it is to where you want it to be.

Included within this mix of various forms of exercise, you also have some fixed cardio-core (CC) workouts. These will give your heart and abs the attention they need.

SEE MORE Workout Builder and Printable Workouts
This training plan consists of easy-to-follow visual workouts, which you can print or access on any device.

Most workouts in this plan contain a warm-up and a post-workout cool-down. We highly suggest you take the time to complete these. You’ll increase your ability to complete the workout due to a change in mindset, heart rate, muscle activation, and most importantly; massively reduce the risk of injury. The cool-downs will aid your recovery too because aching and creaking is never fun!

The forms of training involved in this plan are as follows:

Progressive Overloading - various exercises throughout the plan will remain the same every week, meaning – it is you who’ll have to change something. That is the amount of weight you use, every week. Take notes and whenever you see an exercise noted ‘Progressive Overloading’ look back on those notes to find the previous weight used for that exercise; increase it, safely, and build yourself up to new levels.

Supersets - the challenge of supersets are known all over the fitness world. Two exercises are placed back to back and it is your goal to go through both of them without resting until they’re both complete. Ouch. That’s right, back to back.

Zone Training - a form of cardio for all athletes (like you) to enjoy. Zone Training is broken down into 5 different zones of intensity:
Zone 1 - Recovery. Nice and light. 60 - 65% of max.
Zone 2 - Steady. Light, and allows you to only breathe through your nose. 65 - 75% of max.
Zone 3 - Tempo. Fairly hard, yet sustainable. 75 - 80% of max.
Zone 4 - Race tempo. A hard pace that is sustainable but requires a lot of focus. 80 - 90% of max.
Zone 5 - Finish line. Very hard and not sustainable for long. 90 - 100% of max.

Training to Failure - whenever you see this little note, that is exactly your goal, to train to failure. For example, if you see that the instructed amount of reps on an exercise is 12 and the notes tell you that this is ‘to failure’, you should find a weight that allows you to only barely hit 12 reps. Even if we messaged you during a set and said that if you could only hit a 13th rep we will give you free, awesome workouts like this forever; it would still be impossible. That is what failure means.

Using these instructions, your incredible motivation, and liters upon liters of water, get through this plan in style. Surprise yourself. You’ve got this.

With any questions regarding this, or any other fitness plan, feel free to message – your online coach Stacey – via chat.

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