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It’s time to dust off those resistance bands and grab a couple of water bottles (or dumbbells if you’ve got them). Your muscles are ready to arrive and your body fat is ready to vacate.

Resistance bands
8 weeks, 4 or 5 workouts/week
Get toned, Increase flexibility, Lose fat
8-49 minute workouts

A fun entry-level plan with a mix of bodyweight, resistance band and dumbbell / water bottle exercises to help you drop a few extra pounds and tone up that gorgeous body! Why go to the gym when your own personal home gym awaits you?

This plan alternates between dumbbell and resistance-band training, bringing fresh new challenges every week. Split into weekly workouts that include upper-body, lower-body, core and cardio training – this plan leaves nothing out and engages all major muscle groups.

Beginning and ending with a full fitness, strength and endurance test week, ‘Bottles and Bands’ will show you just how much progress is possible in 8 short weeks! You’ll not only see improvements visually, but also feel them physically as this all-out fat-burn and toning plan gets underway. Are you ready? Let’s go!

SEE MORE Workout Builder and Printable Workouts
This training plan consists of easy-to-follow visual workouts, which you can print or access on any device.

Quick warm-ups and cool-downs are attached to every workout. They’ll help you prepare both body and mind for the workout ahead and the necessary recovery afterward. Don’t skip them :)

The Bottles and Bands plan begins with a steady overall fitness testing week. But don’t stress – it’s not like final exams week at school but merely an insight to your current, starting level of overall fitness and a point of reference for future insights on your progress!

Each week following the testing week alternates between bottles/dumbbells and resistance bands workouts. The resistance amounts will stay the same every week, though the reps will gradually increase and the resting time will gradually decrease. We’re not throwing you in at the deep end but instead slowly improving your ability to swim in deeper waters over time. Use these rep increments to note how you feel and as a guide to your progress, but if necessary by all means repeat a week or two, just to build the strength and confidence for the challenges that follow.

At the end of each week, you will be faced with 30 minutes of forward movement – your weekly cardio. Our end goal is to have you running for 10 out of 30 total minutes; whether that be in one 10-minute block or spaced out over the course of 30 minutes. Again, we’ll build you up steadily for this final challenge by increasing the weekly workload.

Notes are included with every workout as well as instructions for performing each exercise – don’t forget to review those before attempting each unfamiliar movement.

Finally – stay hydrated! Water is life. Regularly sip from your water bottle between exercises, you’ll perform much better by doing so!

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