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No need for all that ‘guilt’ nonsense that comes with every bite of a celebratory meal. Take on this workout pack; and leave any festive negativity in the wind.

Full gym
3 workouts
Gain muscle, Get toned, Lose fat
45-45 minute workouts

Ahhh…That satisfying feeling after taking the final bite of a mouth-wateringly rich festive meal can almost feel priceless; especially when it’s probably not actually the end. Oh, there’s dessert!

And guess what? There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself from time to time – you’ve earned it. But there is that guilty feeling afterward… Now – we’ve got you covered! This workout pack includes 3 diversely challenging workouts that will help you burn off those extra calories stacked in over whatever the celebration, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, or your 2nd cousin’s wife’s best friend’s daughter’s Quinceañera. Let’s go!

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This workout pack comes in an easy-to-follow visual format for you to print or access on any device.

Take 5 minutes to warm up before each of the three workouts included in this pack. They’re tough and require you to be readier than Uncle Jack with his carving knife at Thanksgiving dinner.

‘TANKS’ Giving Heavy Resistance Workout places the focus on 4 heavy-hitting exercises that will create a full-body muscle overload. The main areas covered in this 45-minute routine are the chest, back, shoulders, and legs. Be sure to focus on using high-amounts of resistance that allow you to safely fail at the specified reps given. If you’re reaching the rep amount and feel you could go for more, do exactly that and then increase the load slightly for the next set. But as always, do so with great care.

‘The 'Fat Roast' Cardio Circuit is really going to make you huff, puff, sweat, and maybe even cry a little. But don’t fret, there’ll be tears of joy once you’ve finished this workout. Be sure not to over rest between exercises, the goal is to push yourself, even if that means starting an exercise a little slower than usual; that’s okay! Just keep moving. If you lack a certain piece of equipment for this workout, feel free to include your own: rowing machines, cross trainers, hills in the park, a skipping rope; any of these can be added to this routine to make it work for you.

The 'Carving' Full-Body Toning & Core Workout will leave you feeling as if you’re carved out of granite. Using only a kettlebell (or a dumbbell) you’ll work through this routine while challenging muscles you didn’t even know existed. Be sure to alter the amount of resistance used with each new superset. If you only have one fixed resistance amount, feel free to increase the repetitions accordingly! Keep your core tight and engaged through each exercise and breathe deeply into the muscles being worked. Not sure which muscles are being worked? Either check out the exercise instructions to find out, or wait for the muscle soreness to follow...

Drink water like it’s going out of fashion.

Cool-downs are as important as warm-ups – best not to skip them.

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