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Not quite ready to commit to a full workout plan? No worries, we’ve got you more than covered!

3 workouts
Get toned, Increase Endurance, Lose fat
31-42 minute workouts

This mini yet adaptable workout pack gives you no excuses to skip training. It can be completed almost anywhere while using only a pair of water bottles and your own body weight as resistance. There are three workouts that focus on three different aspects of fitness – suitably named ‘Resistance’, ‘Intensity’, and ‘Endurance’. More details on the workouts in the Instructions below.

After a few weeks of these workouts, people will be wondering what kind of training goes on behind your closed doors!

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This workout pack comes in an easy-to-follow visual format for you to print or access on any device.

Take 5 minutes to warm up before each of the three workouts included in this pack. You'll be better prepared for the tough challenge ahead, both mentally and physically.

‘Resistance’ uses 7 of the most fundamental exercises in any resistance routine. Use this opportunity to practice your form, and over time, increase your resistance amounts by grabbing larger water bottles or dumbbells if you have them. A good way to tell if you’re in need of increasing the resistance is when you begin to hit the designated reps with ease. Be sure to cover all exercise instructions before starting; better form = stronger, safer lifts!

‘Intensity’ encourages high body-fat burn by taking your heart rate through a delightful combination of training levels. The mixture of training styles and intensities will keep your body guessing all the while igniting Calories to keep you going. To make this workout more challenging in the future, add a bit of pace to those walk/runs; and if you’re feeling super strong, why not add a few reps to each set while decreasing the resting time between sets? When feeling superhuman, turn those squats and lunges into jump squats and explosive lunges – ouch!

‘Endurance’ is the longest workout on this plan. With an increase in reps, you’ll certainly have to reduce the amount of water (resistance) initially used in those trusty bottles. Aim to push through all reps, even if it means taking short rests during the working sets. The key is to build yourself up to a point in which your endurance allows you to complete all reps in single sets. To make this workout more challenging in the future – add more reps! Build up your endurance by trying to add 1-2 reps to each exercise per week. After 4 weeks, increase the resistances and start again!

Drink water like you’re a thirsty fish.

Cool downs are as important as warm ups – best not to skip them.

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