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Spend some time taking care of your heart, body and mind with this 3-workout pack that will help restore your body after giving birth.

Foam roller, Swiss / Exercise ball
3 workouts
Get toned, Lose fat
32-44 minute workouts

Divided into three individual and very unique workouts, The Postnatal Power Pack gives acute attention to all areas of the body.

The pack begins with the ‘Body’ workout. This routine is dedicated to toning and firming muscles that may have been neglected during pregnancy. All low-impact exercises can be altered to suit your capabilities, and will certainly leave your muscles feeling worked but not exhausted.

Workout number two is ‘Heart’, with the main focus being exactly that; your heart. Taking your resting heart rate and then pushing it into a slightly elevated zone is perfect for postnatal heart health. This workout provides a range of lower-intensity cardio exercises which collaborate to aid not only heart strength, but also calorie burn.

The final workout in the Postnatal Power Pack is ‘Mind’. This, quieter, more peaceful workout contains a mixture of static stretches, static pose exercises, and self-myofascial release stretches; which all provide a form of postnatal therapy that can help realign and strengthen muscles that may have become tight and knotted during pregnancy. Use this workout to focus on your flexibility and muscular function; and you’ll be back on track with your fitness in no time.

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This workout pack comes in an easy-to-follow visual format for you to print or access on any device.

All workouts in this pack are specifically designed to be performed 2 to 4 weeks after childbirth. Though, please consult your general practitioner before attempting any form of exercise within 6 months of childbirth.

‘Body’ allows you to complete each exercise without too much muscular stress; though if you’re feeling confident, or are able to complete the exercises with ease, you have the ability to increase the difficulty of this workout. Simply increase the repetitions and decrease the rest time of each exercise to get those muscles really working. A light, 5-minute walk would be an ideal warm up for this workout.

The main objective of the ‘Heart’ workout is to allow your heart rate to breach few different zones before leaving the gym. This routine requires a number of different movements that will naturally increase or decrease the rhythm of your ticker! Stick as closely as you can to the resting periods as they are a fundamental part of this routine. No warm-up is necessary before starting, so get your water ready, and get that blood pumping!

Finally, finish up with the ‘Mind’ workout. It is key that you maintain each static stretch at an ever-so-slight level of discomfort for the amount of time instructed. The static pose exercises require a little bit of focus, but we’re sure your ability to focus is on top form, so complete the times and move onto the most enjoyable part of the pack; the self-myofascial release stretches! Take a foam roller and ease out any knots that have worked their way in over the recent months. Like giving yourself a well-needed massage! Feel the need to roll out those muscle for longer? No problem, those tight muscles deserve all the attention you can give.

Be sure to remain hydrated throughout each workout by drinking before you get thirsty. Complete every rep, every step and show the world how much we all need strong mothers!

The warm ups are included in the workouts themselves, take your time with them.

The cool-downs should be taken seriously. Not only to they help bring your heart rate back down to a baseline level, but they also speed up the recovery process!

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