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When you’re ready to move onto tougher challenges, without having to leave the comfort of your own home, this is the plan for you. Let’s say it’s comfortably uncomfortable, in all the right ways.

The Home Power No-Equipment Plan will start you out with a test week, allowing you to see exactly what you’re capable of. From there, the progression is quick – using similar exercises this plan shows you new ways to challenge yourself. Specifically: circuits, supersets, and timed-completion workouts that will push your body to the point of constant adaptation to the increased demands.

You’ll become so familiar with exercises which you once thought were tough, that by the time the final testing week comes, you’ll be showing off all kinds of new impressive strength moves.

For the 5-day version of this plan, every week is built up of:

  • Mon: One ever-changing Lower-Body Focused workout
  • Tue: One Cardio ‘optional’ outdoor workout designed to steadily progress you towards faster sprints and a 5-kilometer distance run
  • Wed: One Ab defining workout
  • Thu: One Glute building workout
  • Fri: One ever-changing Upper-Body Focused workout

If you’re going for the 3-day split, you’ll have:

  • Mon: Ever-changing Lower-Body Focused workout
  • Wed: alternating between Abs Defining or Glute Building workouts
  • Fri: Ever-changing Upper-Body Focused workout

This training plan is available in two versions: 3 workouts per week and 5 workouts per week.

Workout Builder and Printable Workouts
This training plan consists of easy-to-follow visual workouts, which you can print or access on any device.

Before beginning each workout, take the time to get the body moving with 3 sets of 10 star jumps combined with some light, on-the-spot running.

The Lower and Upper Body Focus workouts are designed to progressively move you upwards in the world of fitness. The exercises remain the same, but the way you’ll complete them will become more and more challenging every week. Give every week your all; as your body adapts to these exercises you’ll feel more confident as the plan goes on. If you feel a certain week is too challenging, go back to the previous week and work through it 2 or 3 more times until you feel comfortable progressing.

The Cardio - Outdoor workouts are completely optional. If you have track or park close by it is recommended to get over there to give them a shot! Make sure to follow the light running warm ups, especially before the sprints. You’ll find that your progression is quick, especially when completing the other home workouts alongside. Again, if you find a certain week is too tough, practice completing the previous week a little more until you’re ready to move onwards and upwards.

The Ab and Glute workouts follow a block-progression system. You’ll perform certain exercises one week, then you’ll increase the repetitions of these exercises the following week, before moving onto a whole new block of exercises. This is designed to keep your body challenged constantly, and always moving in the direction of improvement.

Don’t forget to drink more than enough water. Your body needs it for EVERYTHING; including working out. Keep it handy and swig it regularly; you’ll perform much better as a result.

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