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Bring mind and body back to their natural state of calm. This sequence combines major stress-relieving poses to center and ground your energy. You’ll release stubborn emotional blockages from the hips, calm the mind with forward bends and balance the left and right brain with the soothing Alternate Nostril Breathing.

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Precede this sequence with the Dynamic Warm-up to warm up your entire body and get into a yoga mindset. As with every other form of exercise, yoga requires a proper warm-up to prevent injury.

Perform each sided pose for both sides for the prescribed number of breaths before moving on to the next asana. Move slowly and mindfully throughout the entire practice. And know that yoga should never hurt. If you experience pain, you may be practicing incorrectly or practicing a posture that isn’t suited to your body. Gently ease out of the pose and take a short rest before continuing.

Tip: With each inhalation, imagine breathing in a calm, soothing energy. With each exhalation, release all tension and negativity. You can even silently repeat this mantra during the practice: "I breathe in peace, I breathe out stress".

When to practice? Yogis recommend practicing in the wee hours of the morning. This is considered a very pure time of day and makes it easy to focus. However, you can really practice yoga whenever. Just make sure that you choose calming, grounding practices in the evening so that you don’t energize yourself before bed.

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