Bikini Body Tone Up Printable Workout Plan for Women

Looking for a workout routine that will whip you into shape quickly for beach season? This workout is going to focus on all those trouble spots effectively.

Workout for:  Women
Body parts:  Full body workouts

Workout description

This 20 minute circuit workout is going to hit every muscle group in the body while helping to boost your metabolic rate so that you burn fat all day long. Perform it three times per week, taking one day off between workout sessions.

Workout instructions

For best results, begin with a five minute light cardio workout. Skipping, jogging, or even marching on the spot will all work great.


You are to perform the workout in circuit-style fashion, performing one exercise after each other until you are finished the entire circuit. Once finished, rest for three minutes before repeating a second and then third time through. Aim to complete 10-15 reps per exercise, except for the plank, which you will hold for 30-60 seconds. Using an interval timer will help (our favorite).


As you continue doing this workout, in order to keep it progressing, you’ll want to aim to keep increasing the rep range upwards. Once you can easily perform 15 reps, then start using a heavier weight next time. Make sure that you are always using proper form throughout to avoid injury.

Included exercises

This workout routine includes the following exercises:

Jump Squat Dumbbell Flat Bench Press Barbell Step-up Bent Over Barbell Row Dumbbell Deadlift Dumbbell Overhead Shoulder Press Standing Dumbbell Curl Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extension Dumbbell Lateral Raise / Power Partials Jackknife Sit-up / Crunch / Toe Touches Back Extensions / Hyperextensions Plank

Note: Click on the exercise titles above to open the instructional pages and learn proper technique for performing the exercises. You can also browse our exercise guide to access the full library of available exercises.

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