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Which exercises would help reduce fat around my thighs?

I want a leaner look to my legs.

Which exercises would help reduce fat around my thighs? Visit to find out!

Did you pre-determine where the fat would appear when you put it on? No, you didn't, and you cannot determine where it will disappear just because you want it to. Despite all the trendy fitness programs, you cannot spot reduce.

In terms of exercises to swear by, the key to a leaner set of legs is a full body workout that is made up of compound movements. The bigger the movement, the more muscles that are activated, the more calories you'll burn.

For the lower body in particular, focus on exercises such as

Utilize your legs in other areas as well such as core movements.

By pairing a full body workout with a proper nutrition program, you will be able to display a set of leaner and tighter legs.

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Answered by our Fitness Expert
David Sautter NASM Personal Trainer
Which exercises would help reduce fat around my thighs?
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