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Updated On Lockdown: Five At-Home Workouts On Lockdown: Five At-Home Workouts Beginner WORKOUT PACK Started by 36 users in the last month When life gives you a contagious virus, work on improving your health and fitness! VIEW PACK

When life gives you a contagious virus, work on improving your health and fitness!

5 workouts
Get toned, Lose fat
24-39 minute workouts

Whether it be for a heavy storm, a contagious virus or just a simple need to stay inside for a while – a little self-isolation doesn’t have to be a negative thing! Besides, you now have some time to focus on person number 1!

This workout 5-pack will allow you to not only maintain your level of fitness but even improve it! Built around bodyweight and easily accessible resistance objects (such as a pair of water bottles and a chair), the five short workouts included in this pack target all major muscle groups at a level of intensity that encourages both high-calorie burn and muscle tone.

The time-based routines give you full control of each workout. Finding them too easy or challenging to start with? Increase or decrease the work/rest time for each exercise to suit your ability.

Stay inside, stay safe and stay fit!

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This workout pack comes in an easy-to-follow visual format for you to print or access on any device.

These short workouts are simple and effective. Each exercise is time-based – this means that it is your goal to work for the specified amount of time for each exercise. It’s important to aim for a healthy, controlled, consistent rhythm; there’s no need to go as fast as you can. Take the rest time seriously, you’ll perform better for it.

Be sure to follow all exercise notes, and if you have any doubts, refer to the exercise instructions!

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