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South Jordan, UT
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South Jordan, UT

Boundless Body helps you create your best life. Let us help you crate workouts based on your home gym equipment!


  • Shoot us a pic of your set-up, and we'll create unique workouts for you to do at home!

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How online training works

You'll love how simple and effective online training is!

Online personal training with Casey Ruff
Email me to discuss your fitness goals and how we can work together to achieve them. We can chat via email or set up a time for a phone call.
Once we decide to train, I will ask you about your physical condition, equipment you have access to and your schedule to help me design your personalized training program.
Use your computer, tablet or phone to access your training calendar and easy-to-follow illustrated workouts any time. You can also print them out!
Log your workouts and use email notifications and reminders to stay on track while we use built-in messaging to stay in touch all along the way.
We’ll make this fun and reach your goals in record time!
Let's get started today!