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Be Fit بي فت
Saudi Arabia
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Training packages from 4 weeks program 500 SR, 8 weeks program 800 SR, 12 weeks program 1000 SR . 4 weeks meal plan 200 SR

Be Fit بي فت

Saudi Arabia

Founder of
My dream is help people to live their life in a healthy way by eating healthy and working out.
Help people to lose fat so they can live healthy, look good and move easy with confidence.
I have done it with many people, men and women and they are not better then you. they just committed to my program with my support in every step.

So if they can do it , YOU CAN DO IT


  • Online coaching Benefits:
  • • Daily follow up
  • • Progress report every 4 weeks
  • • Follow up call every 2 weeks
  • • 24/7 message support by: WhatsApp. Social media, workout software & email)

Certifications & Training

  • Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA)
  • Youth Fitness Trainer (ISSA)

How online training works

You'll love how simple and effective online training is!

Online personal training with Coach Talal
Email me to discuss your fitness goals and how we can work together to achieve them. We can chat via email or set up a time for a phone call.
Once we decide to train, I will ask you about your physical condition, equipment you have access to and your schedule to help me design your personalized training program.
Use your computer, tablet or phone to access your training calendar and easy-to-follow illustrated workouts any time. You can also print them out!
Log your workouts and use email notifications and reminders to stay on track while we use built-in messaging to stay in touch all along the way.
We’ll make this fun and reach your goals in record time!
Let's get started today!
Online Personal Training with Coach Talal