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Who is Kayla Itsines?

Meet the humble personal trainer and international sensation who is helping thousands of girls worldwide reach their fitness goals

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Kayla get her start as a trainer in 2008 at the Australian Institute of Fitness where she completed the Master Trainer course. After working as a trainer in a women’s training facility, Kayla saw major flaws in the training methods she was instructed to use with her clients. That’s when she decided to create her own Bikini Body Guide programs that would help women achieve a smaller thighs, toned arms and flat tummies in 12 weeks, along with a huge boost in self confidence.

Since then, well over 1,000,000 girls from around the world have followed Kayla’s BBG and nutrition guides to reach their fitness goals and improve their health and self-image. Kayla shares many of these life-changing transformations on her Instagram account with over 3.6 million followers. Join the BBGgirls and save 10% with our discount coupon code.

Read more about Kayla on Forbes, Business Insider and take a peak at the Kayla Itsines World Tour London bootcamp.

Kayla’s Bikini Body Guides

Kayla’s famous BBG exercise programs are being proven effective by the daily Bikini Body Guide success stories from around the world. Use our 10% coupon code and begin yours!

Kayla’s Bikini Body Guides

Whether you are a beginner or have been working out for years, you will absolutely love the results you reach within just weeks after starting Kayla’s 12-week Bikini Body Guide and following simple diet advice in the companion H.E.L.P. Nutrition Guide.

Keep in mind that nutrition is the most important part of weight loss – you need to eat clean and nutritious food to help your body burn more calories. You'll be armed with a wide range of great recipes and knowledge needed to make it all work. This is why getting the nutrition guide along with the workout program is a good idea. Buying them together saves you $19 plus the 10% with our promo code. It's really worth it and will ensure you see the results you working towards.

Recently revised and redesigned, the Bikini Body Bundle provides all of the information you need to learn and follow a proven exercise program and adjust your diet in a simple and accessible format. Here is a peek of what’s inside:

With 279 value-packed pages, the Bikini Body Bundle has everything you need to earn your perfect body:

  • Complete 12-week workout plan with clear photos and written instructions for all exercises.
  • All workouts are 30 minutes or less. Forget spending hours at the gym!
  • Simple tips for beginners and essentials about effective cardio, stretching and more.
  • An easy-to-follow 14-day nutrition plan with a vegetarian option available.
  • Must-know fat burning foods that will speed up your metabolism for better results.
..and much more!

There are many workout programs online boasting to have the secrets to losing weight quickly and easily, often accompanied by bogus testimonials and before and after photos, so it's normal to be skeptical of all of the amazing Bikini Body Guide transformations Kayla is sharing on her blog and Instagram. We can assure you the results are 100% real but it certainly isn't quick and easy. Getting in great shape takes time, effort and dedication but it is so worth it!

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BBG Reviews – It Really Works!

Join over 1,000,000 #BBGgirls worldwide who’ve earned their dream bodies with Kayla’s Bikini Body Guides
Bikini Body guide really works Kayla Itsines BBG review - it works Kayla Itsines review Kayla Itsines testimonial
Once I got your guide I felt in control and knew exactly what I needed to do to achieve my dream body. I have definitely felt a difference in clothes around my arms and thighs. Because I'm no longer doing the calorie restrictive type diet I have noticed that I now have energy all day long and all around feel better, I used both the guides and loved them! I am on Week 6 of the guide and I am SO much happier, I can't wait to finish the 1.0 and move on to 2.0! @stephtodd__
I saw #thekaylamovement and just had to be apart of it, that is when i decided to 100% commit myself and follow both the BBG and HELP Guides.I have noticed a massive difference since following your nutrition guide, I am no longer always hungry or constantly craving unhealthy foods. I now feel a lot more motivated and want to exercise rather then forcing myself to do it. Thank you so much Kayla! I'm so excited to complete BBG1.0 and then continue on with BBG2.0!! @hannahpayton_
The bikini body guide gave me specific exercises & training routines, and with it’s help I was able to lose in total 40kg. I’ve never felt as comfortable in my own skin or as proud of myself as I do now. This guide has taught me that I am capable of achieving a lot more than I ever thought possible! @llanibelle
Before starting Kayla's Bikini Body Guide, I was ashamed of my body. Even though I did not weigh that much, people would call me "fat" for no reason and make fun of me. I now love working out everyday, it makes me feel more energized, happy and powerful! I love seeing progress, I hated doing push ups and now I love everything about them! @marisifit
I decided as my “New Years Resolution” I would take on the Bikini Body Guide challenge! The progress I have seen and felt has changed the whole way I live. I have gone down 2 clothing sizes and I now feel stronger than ever. My legs and arms have a great toned look to them, I’m no longer self-conscious to show them off. Also, just like every girls dream - my stomach now has ABS!! and I never thought that was possible. @morgan_lynn
The HELP Guide has been the most valuable for me. I find it easiest (and cheapest) to plan one day's food using the HELP Guide, and follow this plan for the week. I then change it up the next week to ensure variety. The HELP Guide has completely changed my attitude and approach to food. @charleyfisk
So I have only 2 more weeks left until I've completed your Bikini Body Training Guide (1.0) for the second time now and I'm so excited to show you my progress! I am stronger, fitter, healthier, and happier than ever. I would never be here without your inspiration, motivation, and of course the Bikini Body Guide! Thank you again for everything! @tyefitness
I've gone from a UK size 10 to a UK size 8. I no longer feel uncomfortable in my own clothing because my self confidence and body shape has drastically improved. I no longer worry about my tummy showing in gym gear! My energy has improved dramatically, for some reason I was under the impression that if I did MORE exercise I'd be even MORE tired, but it doesn't work that way! The more regular exercise I do the stronger and more energetic I feel! @browneyedblonde
Since completing the 12 week Bikini Body Guide I have noticed massive changes in my energy levels, self confidence and in my strength! I could barely do one push-up before starting the program so it's amazing to look back on your progress to see how far you've come! @laure.e.cook
When I first started the BBG I was about a size US 10-12. My clothes did not fit comfortably and I did not look forward to shopping! After completion of round 1, I am about a size US 6. More than anything I feel muscles that I have not previously felt and my self confidence has skyrocketed! My energy has also increased exponentially. I look forward to starting my day each morning and love planning healthy meals! @fitgoal_BBG
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