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Lisa has been inspiring, motivating and training clients since 2000 when she became blown away by Spinning when it arrived in South Africa. She qualified as a Johnny G spinning instructor and her passion for health and fitness spiraled from there as she continued to qualify for a variety of disciplines (including aqua aerobics, step, body conditioning, fitball, stretch, ab classes, training with arthritis, training for the elderly, personal training and specialized program design). Her discipline and sheer determination to ensure every person she crosses paths with is as healthy as they can be set Lisa on a health and fitness path to be proud of. Lisa is a driven personal and group trainer with many years of nutrition experience to her name too. Her ultimate goal is to help those she can live the healthiest and fittest life possible.


Boot Camp, Corrective Exercise, Nutrition, Older Adult Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Weight Loss

Certifications & Accreditations:

  • HFPA Personal & Group Trainer
  • HFPA Senior Personal & Group Trainer
  • DSWF Fitball Group Trainer
  • DSWF Stretch Group Trainer
  • DSWF Tai Chi
  • DSWF Pre and Post-Pregnancy Trainer
  • DSWF Training with Arthritis
  • DSWF & Reebok Aqua Aerobics
  • Johnny G Spinning Instructor

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