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Ben Southam is an Exercise Physiologist and has been practicing in Melbourne, Australia for the past 5 years. An Exercise Physiologist is similar to an Exercise Therapist in the USA and requires both undergraduate and postgraduate study (total of 4.5 years).

Ben has a strong background in many different sporting disciplines (especially triathlons, Australian rules football, Basketball and Athletics) and regularly enjoys taking on new physical challenges. It has been this upbringing that steered Ben into the health industry as he has a keen interest in helping others achieve their health goals.

Ben believes in a holistic approach and has a strong emphasis on client education with all treatment plans. This education forms the cornerstone of all long-term lifestyle change as it empower people to self-motivate and self-manage their own health and wellbeing. Ben has treated a wide range of conditions including Type 2 diabetes Mellitus, musculoskeletal injuries, neurological conditions, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and respiratory disorders along with weight loss coaching.

Outside the workplace Ben enjoys traveling the world, snow skiing, training/participating in sporting events and going to the beach.


Metabolic Education & Program Development, Personal Training, Physical Rehabilitation, Postural Re-education, Strength & Conditioning, Weight Loss

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