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Alli is a holistic physical rehabilitation specialist. She guides individuals to learn effective movement patterns and establish healthy behaviors that empower prevention rather than just manage symptoms.

After completing her masters from Columbia University as an occupational therapist (which deals with physical rehabilitation that addresses the things we do in everyday life), she realized that the elements missing in successful health programs were individualized solutions. It is just as important to utilize your strengths and preferences as addressing your weakness and challenges. So she created a dynamic approach to rehabilitation and wellness that allows individuals to take ownership of both treatment and prevention with simple, holistic changes in movement, lifestyle, and food choices.

Alli works both with individual clients for personalized goals and with organizations to design and implement programs. Her greatest obsession is brave truths. Her favorite thing to do on Sunday is have her feet in the sand, face in the sunshine, and with loved ones by her side.


Lymphedema, Physical Rehabilitation, Postural Care

Certifications & Accreditations:

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