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Exercise Cards

A simple way to work out anywhere,
anytime without equipment

114 Ratings
Perfect holiday gift and stocking stuffer for anyone into fitness and working out! Exercise Cards by WorkoutLabs, get them at Work out anywhere without equipment with these Exercise Cards! Get yours at An essential fitness accessory for traveling, Exercise Cards makes working out anywhere anytime simple:
A deck of high quality waterproof cards, the EXERCISE CARDS is a simple visual workout guide for beginners as well as seasoned fitness enthusiasts looking to mix up their routines at home or on the go.

The deck contains everything you need for fun intensive 15-minute workouts you can do anywhere without equipment or guess work:
  • 40 bodyweight exercises
  • 10 stretches covering the entire body
  • 6 easy-to-follow workouts
Each exercise and stretch card is professionally illustrated to show correct form and movement, with written instructions on the back. The EXERCISE CARDS come in Women's and Men's versions with worldwide shipping.

Featured & Endorsed by Fitness Pros

The Exercise Cards is a fantastic idea for anyone looking for an alternative to the flood of fitness apps - no thinking required; draw a card, two or 10 and the workout choices are limitless!
Fitness Professional Dai Manuel
Dai Manuel Crossfit Athlete, Author, Speaker, #MooselsLoose
If you want to start exercising but are short on time and unsure where to even begin, then the Exercise Cards is for you. It takes the guesswork out of what to do and makes exercise fun.
Fitness Author Mike Matthews
Mike Matthews Bestselling Author,
Creator of MuscleForLife
ShapePopsugarElleGreatistMuscle For Life
Exercise Cards by WorkoutLabs for Women
Worldwide shipping available
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Join thousands of others using their Exercise Cards for simple workouts anywhere!

114 Ratings
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I really love these cards. I got them so that on vacation I can still workout – I've used them everyday and they are amazing! - Miranda
Great product! High quality, very compact and portable. Very useful and waterproof :) I bring them everywhere I go. Highly recommended. - Doris Perez Meng
Your product is AMAZING - every single card is perfect. I use all these exercises in my current programing which will make it that much easier for my clients to perform them at home! ...these are going to make amazing client gifts! - Cheliza Krause
This is such a good idea and a lot of fun. I've done the Core Workout and it's challenging. I'm looking forward to using them more. They are excellent for when you don't have a lot of time or not sure what you want to do for a workout. Just pick a few cards and get moving! - Melissa Moody
Fun way to decide which program you want to follow. I use them to not have to think in the gym and get lazy. As a bonus, I accidentally dropped them into a sink full of water, took them out and put on a towel to dry and they are truly as good as new -- so they are very durable! - Susan Cox
What a great product! Love the beautiful illustrations and the fact that it comes with a few workouts, otherwise I wouldn't know where to start. Looking forward to using these daily! - Jessica Hall
I LOVE my Exercise Cards! Such a great idea! I am actually looking forward to exercising now and I love that you can take the deck anywhere. - Veronica Brown
I travel a lot and that caused me to skip my workouts when away from my gym. The Exercise Cards solved that problem for me and I can work out anywhere with this product. - Brad Davis
These cards are a great way to do a simple workout when you are on the road or at home without any equipment. I like the simple to use step by step instructions (morning work out, warm up, arms, whole body, etc.) I've started the first set and it is really effective. The cards themselves are designed very nicely as well. - Stephen Forte
If you like me want a bit of guidance when it comes to regular exercise: well look no further. Small and compact (think deck of cards) you get all the help possible. Both in terms of warmup and stretching but also normal exercises. Easy to handle. Well made. - Peter Stahlberg
I've been using FitDeck cards for a couple of months and found this looking to buy a replacement because they got worn very quickly. These are plastic and look much better too, it's a winner! - Judith Adams
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